Waveland Pallet Industries

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January 1962 to Present

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PO Box 188

Waveland, IN  47989

Ph - 765-435-2646

Fax - 765-435-3405

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Our saw mill, located in Waveland, Indiana, is well-known for the production of quality skids and pallets. From our beginning in 1967, our facility has been committed to providing the most cost effective product for an ever changing marketplace.

Our number one focus is quality, pricing, and service in the manufacturing of our pallets.

Waveland Pallet Industries (WPI) is vertically integrated for the manufacturing of pallet lumber only. With today's lumber demands, we feel it is very important to our customers that we maintain a complete pallet manufacturing operation that includes a logging operation, complete saw mill; band re-saw operation, up-to-date automatic pallet machines and support equipment. The in-house control over our production enables Waveland Pallet Industries to meet tight quality standards of our customers products. It translates into better delivery, more flexible scheduling and lower costs for our customers.

We also maintain a complete repair and recycle plant in Hillsboro, Indiana, "Pallet Hill Recycling". This allows us to offer a recycle program that can provide a huge cost savings to your business. With the recycle program, we can devise an individual program to fit your needs. If you would like to learn more about the recycle program, we would be pleased to speak with you on the subject.

WPI is the local Pallet Manufacturing Company that specializes in pallets and skids.



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