Sentman Auctions

Charlie Sentman, The Racing Auctioneer

January 1962 to Present

Contact  Information:

PO Box 188

Waveland, IN  47989

Ph - 765-435-2646

Fax - 765-435-5405

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 Pre-consignment is vital to a successful consignment sale. Do not take any chances! Mail your paperwork today!


Helpful Hints:

           Take a few minutes to get your property sale ready - Be creative in displaying.

           Use information tags or detail sheets when possible to describe your racing parts.

           Use colored racing tape, pegboard, and/or wire ties to put together your sale displays.

 Specific Details:


  • Consignment dates & times are on the web site for each sale. Note the deadlines for pre-consignments as they differ for each auction.

  • Follow directions to sale site. When arriving watch for “Racer’s Auction” signs or ask building security where the Sentman Auction is taking place.

  • Auction personnel will direct consignors to the unloading area.

  • All pre-consignment check-in’s will be taken first as received in check-in. All those not pre-consigned will follow pre-consignors in the order that they check-in at the office.


Consignor Responsibilities:


  • Upon arriving at the building, consignors must check in at the Office to complete a consignor form. Consignors must present a valid driver’s license or picture identification including social security number to consign property.


  • Consignors are responsible for unloading their property from their vehicles and marking the consignment as it is checked in. All heavy items (blocks, rear ends, machinery, etc.) must be placed on pallets (available at no charge at sale site).


  • In cooperation with State Fire Marshall Laws, consignors must remove their vehicles from the building once the property has been unloaded.


  • Consignors may put a reserve bid (minimum) of $250.00 or more on any item. However, items with a reserve bid are subject to “NO-SALE” Commission.


  • All property sells on its own merit. However, a consignor may guarantee an item. Sale proceeds of guaranteed items will be held for ten (10) working days from the conclusion of the sale to satisfy the buyer.

Download Preconsignment Form Here    


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